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2013-03-02 19:18:09

kde zoženiem ten ether?

2013-03-02 22:07:46

maš tych videi viac??je to bomba :D

2013-03-02 23:14:00


2013-03-02 23:21:40

a ako to objednam stej stranky??

2013-03-09 16:18:27

2013-03-10 14:43:53

2013-03-13 17:53:13

Naomi Watts

2013-03-20 20:17:16

IMG 2728  |  Více info

New oral Guerway by AirwayTec shows fogging in the airway, movement in the breathing bag, and capnography to help confirm patient ventilation. The Guerway is a new type of oral airway used in sedated patients. Available in 2013.

2013-04-05 01:07:31


2013-04-08 20:57:53


Has somebody a download link about

Anthonia Punked in OR Anesthesia (Opander)


2013-04-20 13:02:33

2013-04-25 01:33:10


2013-05-21 22:55:09

Resmed-Swift-FX-Bella-CPAP-Nasal-Pillows - What's the big deal? (Actually a lot)  |  Více info

Resmed took what was a superb CPAP Nasal Pillows - Resmed Swift FX and added something extra to it. Many people like it but as usual some don't. This video review will show what they are. This way you can make an educated decision upfront wether this CPAP nasal pillows is worth getting or not.

2013-05-21 22:57:35

Under Oxygenmask  |  Více info

Two girls are breathing oxygen with mask

Copyright by Ett-Movie

2013-05-22 22:55:00

také přispěju svou troškou do mlýna

a neb když se člověk nudí a brouzdá po FB

máme to u nás ale hezké holky co?

2013-05-23 12:46:40

tiem: mně se hlavně líbi ty nádherné kombinézky co maj obě holky.

2013-05-23 18:47:52

jen lepsi prostredi a bylo by to 100%

2013-05-23 18:53:58

Orotracheal Intubation Video  |  Více info

Endotracheal Intubation video

The patient is now being pre-oxygenated with a face mask. A towel has been placed underneath the head just slightly flex the neck. Propofol is being administered as an induction agent. This can slightly burn as it's being administered as is evidenced by the grimacing in the patient's face. She is drifting into a deeper state of anesthesia. You can test for the loss of a lash reflex as a marker for a comatose state, when the patient will need assisted bag valve mask ventilation.

Since the patient is easy to bag valve mask ventilate, a paralytic agent like Succinylcholine can be safely administered. In mask ventilation is then continued until the patient is fully paralyzed. The head is slightly elevated and the neck is extended to place the patient in a sniffing position. A curved Macintosh blade is then inserted into the right side of the mouth, sweeping the tongue to the left, and the tip is placed in the vallecula and the blade is lifted to elevate the epiglottis and expose the subglottic laryngeal structures. You can see the vocal cords in the middle through which the endotracheal tube will be placed and the corniculate tubercles are seen below.

The endotracheal tube is now placed via the right side of the mouth, and should be advanced to a distance of about 21 centimeter at the teeth in women and 23 centimeters at the teeth in men. The endotracheal tubing is now connected to the tube and proper tube placement is confirmed by seeing mist in the tube, symmetric chest wall rise, and carbon dioxide output on an end tidal CO2 monitor. The tube is then secured in place with tape.

2013-05-23 18:54:15

2013-05-27 14:11:56



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