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2014-05-19 19:29:14

Desflurane in LMA anesthesia: Maintenance 1

Desflurane low flow inhalation anesthesia with LMA. Maintenance phase.

2014-05-26 03:20:38


2014-06-01 01:15:11

man80: can i please have the password to the vimeo videos?

2014-06-04 19:37:33

Fitting Your Quattro Air For Her CPAP Mask - DirectHomeMedical.com

Drift off to a great night's sleep with the lightest full face mask on the market: ResMed's Quattro Air For Her. Quattro Air For Her's sleek, minimalist design is 45% lighter than the Mirage Quattro; and it only has four parts to clean and maintain. The Quattro Air For Her's dual-wall Spring Air cushion improves overall seal and reduces pressure at the nasal bridge. Updated SoftEdge headgear, with pink highlights, reduces facial marks and provides a loose, comfortable fit.

2014-06-15 09:30:51

2014-06-19 11:02:45

Manžeta masky z transparentného latexu mi tesne obopla nos a pusu. Jej opojná vôňa spôsobila, že som okamžite zvlhla. Sestrička si to všimla. V jej očiach som zbadala vzrušenie. Rukou v latexovej rukavici mi jemne začala masírovať klitoris.

2014-06-19 21:52:11

2014-06-22 14:02:06

2014-06-22 15:41:18

Great photos, but please no photos of kids.

2014-06-23 07:51:48


2014-06-23 23:59:23

LVRM Cough Assist

Basic instructions intended for PROP clients on how to use their Lung Volume Recruitment Maneuver Bagger or Cough Assist Bagger. Review LVRM or cough assist maneuver with PROP RRT Elaina.

2014-06-26 16:44:17

Intenzita výstreku z latexového cumlíka v maske pri nasatí ma zaskočila.

Pusu som mala zrazu plnú teplého mliečka nasatého podtlakom z mojich bradaviek.

Sestrička mi odlepila jednu prísavku z bradavky, a nastokla ju lekárovi na penis. O chvíľu som už mala pusu plnú jeho horúceho semena.

2014-06-27 08:20:46

Anchor Fast Hollister - Express Medical

Video demonstrativo do Fixador de Tubo Endotraqueal Anchor Fast. Comercializado pela Express Medical

2014-06-30 20:47:25

Anesthesia mask

going under Anesthesia mask

2014-06-30 20:52:11

Fixing Leaks with the Amara Gel Full Face CPAP Mask - DirectHomeMedical.com

Simpler, smarter and more stylish the updated Amara Gel Full Face Mask features a single universal frame size with a soft, blue gel cushion that conforms to the contours of the face providing an exceptional seal and comfort. Amara's streamlined design is lighter and less intimidating than more traditional full face masks and its soft headgear is easy to put on and take off -- even with one hand!

2014-06-30 20:54:14

You Might Need a CPAP Full Face Mask

This video on CPAP full face masks demonstrates the reasons (such as pressure requirements, sore teeth, allergies and more) that many people find a full face CPAP mask necessary. For pricing on CPAP Full Face Masks visit

2014-07-02 12:23:19

jb197911280: What great videos! Thank you! That is really the essence!

2014-07-02 21:33:58


many thanks for the youtube uploader, who share these beautiful videos :)

2014-07-05 10:40:29

Silicone Breast Augmentation Pre-surgery

In this video, Dr. Roberto Polanco and staff at The Prestige Institute are preparing for anesthesia and surgery. The procedure about to be performed is a 300cc silicone breast augmentation. She is calm and ready because of the expertise at The Prestige Institute for Aesthetic Surgery & Med Spa.

2014-07-05 10:41:11

preparacion colon.avi

Preparacion perioperatoria del paciente sometido a cirugia laparoscopica de colon y recto por laparoscopia


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