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2016-04-08 15:40:52

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2016-04-14 03:58:27

Thank You for keeping this topic fresh :)

2016-04-14 22:50:32

Patient's Comfort & Safety - SICU - Complete  |  Více info

First scene "Handoff, ICU, Bedside"

Family involvement, patient no conscious, RN returns, turning off med, double check of med at the pump and at site, plan for the day, target RASS and Pain Score, looking at SAT, NVPS.

Second scene "SAT, SBT - one hour later"

Patient is now a RASS-1, pain evaluation, CAM evaluation - hypoactive delirium, RN RTN discussion with patient and family about SBT, RT mentions STEER, conversation with family about baseline patient status, removal of restraint.

Third scene "MD Rounds - Two Hours Later"

RN coaches family about their role in rounds, target RASS, actual RASS, CAM assessment and meds for sedation by RN, patient is on precedex & propofol & neosynephrine, RN starts rounds, MD orders to not turn propofol back on and lesser dose of precedex for SBT, Physical Therapist evaluates patient.

Last scene "Next Shift"

Patient is done with sprint and back on vent and just finished resting, secure ETT, re-do CAM med changed during the day, RN organizes lines etc as they are teaching & involving family, orthostatic BPs, patient has been OOB to chair previously, patient follows two step command, discussion, ambulate, document.

2016-04-20 21:49:34

Respironics FitLife Total Full Face CPAP Mask With Headgear  |  Více info

Buy Now :

Respironics FitLife Total Full Face CPAP Mask provides a quick, robust seal around the less pressure-sensitive areas of the face, while allowing an unrestricted view. It is designed to provide comfort to hard-to-fit patients with facial hair, dentures, facial irregularities, nasal bridge breakdown or even claustrophobia. Its advanced headgear with easy-to-use snap clips and EZ Peel tabs simplify application and removal.

2016-04-29 17:56:26

Don't know if the below was posted below, but in case it didn't have fun!

Mädchen beim Frauenarzt (1971) - abortion scene  |  Více info

Surgery/abortion scene from the German Exploitation movie "Mädchen beim Frauenarzt" (1971).

2016-04-29 18:12:11

Black Beauty!

Klinik unter Palmen Ep. 06 surgery scene  |  Více info

2016-04-29 18:28:39

Aborto criminal 1973  |  Více info

Creado con Avid Studio

2016-04-29 20:57:20

Image gyno-x promesita

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2016-05-22 13:39:04

CarboTrack with Face Mask  |  Více info

CarboTrack is a unique safety device to enhance end-tidal CO2 monitoring. It is designed primarily to adapt to oropharygeal (OPA) airways and face masks, when administering deep sedation anesthesia.

2016-05-22 13:39:15

CarboTrack with Guedel Airway  |  Více info

CarboTrack is a unique safety device to enhance end-tidal CO2 monitoring. It is designed primarily to adapt to oropharygeal (OPA) airways and face masks, when administering deep sedation anesthesia.

2016-05-27 12:16:23

She has made a few new clips the last week or so. Looks great :) http://clips4sale.com/95739

albnet, 2008-09-24 13:16:22 napsal:

Je tu někdo, kdo má slabost pro tohle?

2016-06-22 00:57:46

Final episode from "Dexter"

Debra's Death  |  Více info

Momento della morte di Debra Morgan.

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2016-07-10 17:47:31

Herečka Jinx Falkenburg s kyslíkovou maskou při přeletu na palubě vojenského letadla

2016-07-10 17:59:17

Heliox - plicní terapie dýcháním plynové směsi 80 % hélia a 20 % kyslíku.

Dýchací přístroj je zjevně s uzavřeným okruhem, tedy s pohlcováním vydechovaného CO2 a s doplňováním kyslíku do dýchané směsi plynů.

Když vidím ty gumové hadice, dýchací "balón" a masku, tak si říkám, že dívka na obrázku musela zažívat docela silnou gumovou "vůni"...

2016-07-10 18:04:15

Ihned bych si to s ní vyměnil, hezká fotka


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