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2016-12-17 22:18:56

Very nice pics & videos

2016-12-25 19:54:26

Pure Performance Lab V02 Max Test

Pure Performance Lab V02 Max Test protocol

2016-12-25 19:55:10

Jahanna Baba VO2 Max Test

Jahanna Baba Personal Trainer - Cypress

Anytime Fitness Vintage 77070

2016-12-25 19:59:22

KCL MSc Hypoxia Study at University of Portsmouth (2015)

MSc students on the Human & Applied Physiology MSc carry out an experiments to investigate the effects of altitude (hypoxia) and cold on peripheral blood flow and non-freezing cold injury. The project was supervised by Prof Mike Tipton and Dr Heather Lunt.

The whole study was carried out in the Extreme Environments Labs within the Department of Sports and Exercise Science, University of Portsmouth.

All footage is the property of James Clark

©2015 Dory Video/James Clark


2016-12-26 13:13:21

001 Double gloving - Respiration by ambu balloon

dr Angel Wild is a real (!) doctor. She likes her job and latex glove fetish too. She puts on two pairs of surgical gloves and shows the ambu balloon's operation. The clip resolution is Full-HD (1080x1920)

2016-12-26 13:14:43

Oxygenation by ambu balloon

dr. Angel Wild gets some oxygen by ambu balloon. After the procedure she covets herself. The result is pleasure of course.

2016-12-26 13:17:30

The Clips4Sale store 82943 exists (http://clips4sale.com/studio/82943), but unfortunately, no clips can be bought. Does anyone of you know the person who made these videos? I want to buy these clips.

2017-01-08 20:14:32

LMA protector

Uso de la nueva mascarilla laríngea LMA protector en paciente real en la que se comprueba posición mediante fibroscopio y se realiza intubación a su través guidada por fibroscopio.

Para más información visitar www.fibroanestesia.com

2017-01-08 20:16:16

Latex Medical Breath Play

Lisa Continues the Gas therapy on Linzi coercing her to breathe in the medication against her will, she finally becomes compliant after enough gas is coerced into her lungs.... Lisa has finally won and now gets to play with her out cold victim....

2017-01-08 20:17:50

2017-01-08 20:30:58


2017-01-10 20:14:35


2017-01-10 20:18:55

An extravagant shopping Tour. Fully covered in Latex with Gasmask Part 1

Accompany Miss Purple Jane and her Ladyfriend to a bizarre heavy Rubber Shoppingtour fully covered in Latex with Gasmask.

2017-01-15 12:20:55

Pokud by měl někdo zájem vidět mé stažené fotky, mám účet na Flickr.com pod jménem OP-saal https://www.flickr.com/photos/147669866@N05. Fotky jsou roztříděné do alb Sestry, Operační, Anestezie, Intubace, Kyslíkové masky a Operační roušky a čepice. Galerie již dnes obsahuje přes 2 000 fotek a budu tam dále přidávat fotky z reálného lékařského prostředí, které se mi líbí.

pavel kratky
2017-01-15 18:36:09

hospital: pěkné fotky

2017-01-17 12:50:00


2017-01-17 23:42:37


2017-01-18 21:59:50

tiem: tohle můžu udělat taky

2017-01-19 19:44:10

Pauline Nordin Stratosphere flight in the MiG-29

Pauline Nordin (born 23 juli 1982) is a IFBB fitness competitor, pro figure athlete, fitness model, actrice, fitness trainer and journalist. Originally from Ystad (Sweden), Pauline now lives in Los Angeles. Pauline is known from TV show "Biggest Loser" and has her own company called "Fighter Diet".

Here is the first version from Paulines stratosphere flight in the MiG-29. This is how we receive the files from the Russian airbase. Fully edited version with professional ground shots as well as multiangle videos from the outside of the MiG-29 will follow soon.

Pauline first flew an L-39 Albatros with us - see

Since then she is addicted.


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