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Deston.cz PVC raincoats/plastenky: shipping to UK?

Fórum Pláštěnky Deston.cz PVC raincoats/plastenky: shipping to UK?

2014-05-10 00:36:25


I live in England, UK. I would like to buy some PVC raincoats from Deston: http://www.deston.cz/Plastenky/

However, this is proving to be an impossible task, because I do not understand any Czech! Can anyone please help?

Is it possible to pay with PayPal? Does Deston have an Ebay shop? Please advise me on the method of shipping to the UK.


2014-05-10 01:25:48

plasticman: did you try to write a letter in English to e-mail address deston@deston.cz ? Maybe they understand English. If not, perhaps someone here will help you with translation and/or direct communication with Deston.

2014-05-10 14:13:15

iglite: Olga at Deston did reply to me (in English), but it doesn't really make sense (perhaps she used an onlne translation service?). Her reply leaves me confused:


England cape can send.

Payment PayPal is not possible. Posted we will email an invoice and payment to the euro account, we will send raincoat."

Best regard

Olga Starostová

2014-05-10 16:51:19

Hi ... that seems some machine translator... what she try to tell:

1) yes.. they can ship to Englańd

2) no .. they donot support Pay Pall

3) they suggest to pay in advance .. they wll send you pre-invoice, you will pay via transfer (in euros) , then they will send the goods..

2014-05-10 20:09:32



I am not sure which shipping/postage option I should select for international/overseas delivery to EU member country, England, UK:


I'd be grateful for your advice

If possible, an advance payment through Pay Pal (I have a secure, fully approved Pay Pal account) would make the purchase a lot easier for me. I sent an email to Deston, in which I described the raincoats I would like to buy, but I have had not received any reply, probably because of the language barrier making communication difficult.

2014-05-10 21:39:53

plasticman: Sorry, Deston seems not to be ready for abroad customers. There is no suitable option in their web. I guess you need to rely on emails...

But in the other hand..... as read over description of Deston company, they are only importer and reseler to Cz.R.

Thus i am sure all goods,should be availble in some other shops, So i would recommend you to look for english friendly shop.

But this is only my opinion ...

With PayPall i have no experience