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2014-02-18 22:58:55

How to Tie a Merovingian Knot | Men's Fashion  |  Více info

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Learn how to tie a Merovingian knot from Louis Purple menswear boutiques founder Charles Brunold in this Howcast video.

Hey, I'm Charles from Louis Purple. We're in New York. And I'm going to teach you how to tie the Merovingian knot. It's also called Ediety knot. So the way you want to start for this knot, it's a knot that goes around the narrow side quite a few times, so you want to wear the wide end fairly long compared to the narrow end, probably about 20 inches below depending on the length of your tie.

So this is how you start. The wide end goes underneath the narrow end. You go over the top once and pull it out on the same side. So this is what you have. Now you go over to the front, underneath through the back, and now you should be in this position so the tie is upside down. So this is a tie from my friend Cara Patrizio from Capelli in Naples, Italy. And this is how you proceed. So your tie is upside down. You go around the back, through the top. You're almost there. Now the last step you have to complete is reverse the knot, loosen it gently, and slide the white part inside the loop that you've created for that. Adjust it nicely. Tighten the knot, and there you go. You have your Merovingian knot. So after spending so much time tying the knot, it's something you don't want to wear when you're really casual.

It's really a knot that is used in formal occasions, probably wearing a three piece suit, for example, or a nice blazer. And definitely going with a sophisticated look with this type of knot. The guy who created this knot probably watch Matrix a little bit too much, but this is probably where the name came from, the Merovingian knot.

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Pridej dalsi.

2014-02-19 17:40:10

How to tie the Windsor and look smart! (shirt tie combo)  |  Více info

HELLO everyone!

This is a reinactment of my previous tie tutorial.

Hope you enjoy this one and look smart with your look.

Thanks for watching :)

chuck me some comments to let me know what you thought of it..

Would be great!


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2014-02-19 17:41:04

ノーカットver. (指原莉乃×峯岸みなみ)AKB48 正しいネクタイ結び 1分勝負  |  Více info


2014-02-19 20:10:23

OnoBello.com Exclusive: Interview With R'N' B Singer Keri Hilson  |  Více info

Famous hot and sexy American RnB Singer Keri Hilson was in the Federal capital Territory Abuja last weekend for the 'Face of Sofa' pageant contest hosted by one of the hosted club in the city 'Sofa Lounge'.

Face of Sofa is aimed at finding a unique and dynamic lady to represent the Sofa brand as an ambassador.

Face of Sofa 2012 held last Saturday, November 17 at the International Conference Centre (ICC) in Abuja and had American singer, songwriter and actress Keri Lynn Hilson as the headlining act.

In this exclusive interview with OnoBello.com, the new face of Avon's Imari Beauty Scent Keri Hilson who had previously visited Nigeria for the 2011 Calabar Music Festival, loves everything about Nigeria; our men, food and the groovy people.

She also talked about her upcoming album, which she described as "emotional" and her role with American actor and director Vin Diesel in a soon to be released movie.

Miss Keri in this interview is looking hot with her signature blonde hair, wearing a crisp white shirt with a studded tie and matching vest paired with black leggings, sky high heels and black rimmed glasses.

2014-02-19 20:10:56

2014-02-19 20:12:43

Keri Hilson talks Kiss & Tell and her upcoming movie with Vin Diesel  |  Více info

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2014-02-19 20:13:06

Keri Hilson Blushes Talking About Serge Ibaka! - HipHollywood.com  |  Více info

Keri Hilson helped Gillette kick off their "Kiss & Tell Experiment" at the Santa Monica pier Wednesday morning in an effort to find out if women prefer kissing a man with stubble or a freshly shaven face. But when we asked the Pretty Girl Rock singer to "kiss & tell" about her boo Serge Ibaka she blushed and could only murmur a few words about him!

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2014-02-20 17:06:08

hezké video

2014-02-20 17:06:38

na netu je toho s touto tématikou očividně dost, což je dobře.

2014-02-20 17:32:55

princess.charlotte: uz moc ne

2014-02-20 17:39:35

¿Como se hace un nudo de corbata?  |  Více info

Una corbata es complementaria a su camisa, se anuda alrededor del cuello, generalmente es de uso masculino, sin embargo también es utilizada por mujeres. En un inicio la corbata nació como una forma de ocultar los botones de la camisa. ¿Pero, conoces el procedimiento para hacer un nudo?. Te explicamos dos formas simples de elaborar uno.

2014-02-20 21:44:45

Collective Fashion & Makeup Haul- Primark, Jane Norman, Topshop, Sleek, Wet n Wild  |  Více info

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EYES- wet n wild Vanity Palette

LIPS- Sleek Kohl pencil from The Berry Collection in Mossberry(Limited Edition) and MAC Ruby Woo lipstick

Blouse/Shirt- New Look

Bow Tie- Hair Clip from Primark

**Hair Info**

Whitney Marie Uk

Virgin Malaysian Loose Curl

24" x3, 22", 20", 18" (6 bundles/packs/600g/22oz) + 24" Brazilian body wave

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2014-02-20 21:45:17

The Kardashian's 2011 Christmas Card- Kim's Makeup, Hair & Outfit  |  Více info

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This is the look from the Kardashian's 2011 Family Christmas Card and i really liked Kim's look so i thought i'd recreate it


L'oreal smoothing resurfacing Primer

Avon Magix Face Perfector

MAC Matchmaster Foundation 8.0

MAC Select Cover up concealer NW45

MAC Pro Longwear concealer NW40(under eye)

MAC MSF Powder in Dark

Sleek Fenberry blush

MAC Translucent Finishing Powder

MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow

MAC Arena eyeshadow

MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow

Wet n Wild Vanity palette- Dark brown eyeshadow(MAC Embark)

L'oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss

Maybelline Falsies Black Drama

Ardell Demi lashes #'120

EOS Balm

Maybelline Lip pencil in Bordeaux

Rimmel Kate lipstick 01

Eyebrow Tutorial:

**Hair Info**

Whitney Marie Uk

12" brazilian hair Lace frontal

Medium density

13" x 4" measurements

Light brown lace colour.

Virgin Malaysian Loose Curl Wefts

16" , 20", 22", 24" x2

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2014-02-21 10:41:05

Kristen Stewart on Her New Film, 'Camp X-Ray' | Sundance 2014  |  Více info

At the Sundance Film Festival, actress Kristen Stewart premiered her new movie "Camp X-Ray," in which she plays a guard at Guantanamo Bay. She and director Peter Sattler discuss her challenging role and how the performance will surprise audiences.

2014-02-21 10:41:27

Volume One Lookbook | Button Up Shirts For Women | Tradlands  |  Více info

Tradlands is a made in USA clothing brand specializing in button up shirts and jackets for women. Our goods are handmade in San Francisco.

Volume One debut line from Tradlands directed by Whitney Dinneweth.


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