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2014-03-13 10:10:40

Binders Full of Women!! The Secret of the Universe, The L Word, AND How to Tie a Tie Party 2012

Mary B.'s Weekly Wednesday Vlog October 17, 2012.

The FlawLes Tie Party is THIS SATURDAY in SAN DIEGO! Be there. Here's the scoop ...

WHAT: FlawLes' signature fall event at San Diego's sleekest night-time rooftop deck that features hand-crafted entertainment production and a lot [at least a binder full] of lesbians. Expect the evening to be an authentic celebration with music by live Latin and Jazz percussionists, DJ Amara (Los Angeles) and DJ dirtyKurty -- don't miss the 2x4 DJ Battle set between these two amazing musicians. Also featuring live dance performances by Lipstik Inc, pop-up & interactive experiences, craft cocktails & martinis and sexy overnight stays at one of San Diego's hottest rooftop hotpots.

WHEN: Sat, October 20th | 8pm - 1:30am

WHERE: SummerSalt Rooftop Pool & Lounge, Hotel Palomar

WHY: Tie One On while Tying Community Together.-- each FlawLes event works to increase the visibility of the lesbian community through high-quality special events that encourage the lesbian community to get face-to-face with our mainstream counterparts. We believe that getting us closer to our future increases our chances of equality.

Mary B is back with the Weekly Wednesday Vlog complete with answers to all of your burning questions about life, love and other L words. Often she invites international special guests, family pets, and resident musicians in on the fun. Sometimes she plays guitar. Still others she offers tips on how to stay fit if you are no longer twenty sexy years young [Answer: Jillian Michaels!!]

This weeks Mary B. discusses Love vs. Infatuation. The Universal Laws. The Secret. And of course ... Tegan and Sara. Always Tegan and Sara.

So Watch. Listen. Love it. I love you. I mean it.

  • Mary B.

Co-Stars often include :

Mary B., Cassandra (Pearl) Dawson The Landlord, Jaime (of Bitter Sober), Leni the German ingenue, Megan Jane (the human musical skeleton key with great hair), Elijah the cat, Sherry Soto (of Bitter Sober), Jess Cautiousplay Celesbian. All stunts by : The Universe and gravity.

2014-03-15 11:36:47

ano, docela zajímavé

2014-03-18 19:39:30

princess.charlotte: tak sem taky něco hod

2014-03-19 04:26:18

bohužel nemám ted tolik času hledat, a skoro všechno už tu asi je.

2014-03-19 07:15:08

princess.charlotte: bohužel jsme na tom stejně

2014-03-19 07:37:41

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2014-04-23 18:09:58

Ahoj moc krasne fotky

2014-04-25 20:18:11


2014-04-26 09:47:04

Kde jsou? NIkde je nepotkavam?

2014-04-26 10:01:47


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