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můj latexový motýlek...

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Dailies: I Don't Mind Being at the Beach in Saint Laurent - LP

The singer LP tells the story of her outfit for our series Dailies.

The song is LP's "Night Like This."

For LP shopping, links, and more, go to StyleLikeU:

2014-07-07 19:57:37

How to tie a Bow Tie - Tutorial

Women in bowtie

2014-07-07 19:57:45

How to Tie A Bow Tie

Women in bowtie

2014-07-07 19:57:51

Women in shirt black and bowtie red

Women in tie

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Bowtie TV

  • Women in tie

2014-07-07 20:00:16

I Wanna Be A Starkid Actor Parody ft Curt Mega

#CURTESSA FOREVER. We love our friends in Starkid...this is all for fun.

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8117 W Manchester Ave #544

Playa del Rey CA 90293

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Shout Out to Darren and Joe because our impressions are SPOT ON.

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2014-07-07 20:01:32

Egyptian Women make inroads into male dominated aviation sector

In the 1930s, Lotfia Al Nadi earned a pilot's licence and revolutionized the role of Arab women in the aviation world. Eighty-years later, only twenty Egyptian women are pilots, working in a male-dominated profession. But they are still determined to fly the flag for female pilots in the country.

2014-07-07 20:01:58

Condor TV: Dreamjob Pilot #WomenWithWings

In this Condor TV episode, we invite you to learn more about the dream job of being a pilot at Condor Airlines. In their back-to-back TV series "powerful jobs -- powerful women", Rhine-Main TV introduced viewers to a female Condor pilot, Christina Duerr.

Ever since starting school, Christina knew that flying planes would be her passion. She decided to go to flight school immediately after graduating from high school, and she has never regretted her decision. Christina has been flying for Condor Airlines since 2011, and she literally loves her job. In her own words, the view is breathtaking "... and watching the sun rise over the alps is the icing on top of it all".

Flying planes for airlines used to be a male-dominated sector. Even today, seeing a female pilot sitting in the cockpit is rather rare. Despite this, passengers consistently comment that only women can land planes as smoothly as Christina does.

Would you like to know more about Condor Airlines, look behind-the-scenes, and get more information? Then simply subscribe to Condor TV now.

Many thanks to „Rhine-Main TV" @rheinmaintv (www.youtube.com/rheinmaintv) for your support (www.rheinmaintv.de).

2014-07-07 20:03:13

A True Success Story | Gerçek Bir Başar

Safiye Ademo

2014-07-07 20:03:42

From air stewardess to pilot (Women Pilots Pt 2)

First Officer Ong Sook Min had always wanted to fly since she was a child. However, it took her many years and many jobs - including being an air stewardess - before she was able to live her dream. The first stewardess-turned-pilot in AirAsia tells RazorTV how she has made it.

2014-07-07 20:04:07

Female pilots are more in control (Women pilots Pt 1)

Move over men, women are taking to the skies in larger numbers today. Low cost carrier, AirAsia boasts 17 women pilots to date and 3 more in training. RazorTV visited the AirAsia HQ in KL to catch up with some of the women pilots.

2014-07-08 08:03:40

NEWSNIGHT: Kirsty Wark interviews author Donna Tartt about 'The Goldfinch'

Kirsty Wark interviews reclusive American author Donna Tartt about her new novel 'The Goldfinch'

2014-07-08 08:10:52

Korean Airlines Flight Attendants (Stewardesses), Comissárias de Bordo da Korean Air (Aeromoças)

The Korean Air flight attendants are nice and lovely.

As comissárias de bordo da Korean Air s

2014-07-08 08:13:01

Lovely Ladies of Korean Air

2014-07-08 08:18:04

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