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2013-09-07 16:04:17

2013-09-08 12:08:39

Super košile zvlášť ta bíla dvoj knoflíčková s těsným límečkem. Tak to mám ráda tak to nosím hodně těšně u krku

2013-09-08 22:03:55

A co tyhle košile nosíte je nebo je chcete nosit . Já takové mám a ráda je nosím

2013-09-08 22:08:01

A nakonec to nosím takhle

2013-09-08 22:24:51

je to v planu

2013-09-09 19:23:52

sam71: to je luxus moc pěknýý :)

2013-09-22 22:00:24

a co takhle

2013-09-25 23:51:48

slusi vam to vsem a oni ne a ne to nosit kazda kazdy den

2013-09-28 01:07:56

DIY: Style your Shirt (Kim Kardashian Inspired Look)  |  Více info

In this video I'm going to show you guys how to style your button up shirt...in a Kardashian way :). I hope you will find this helpful. I had fun doing this tutorial.

All you need is a basic white button up shirt, ribbon, scissors and a lighter. It's really easy and it makes your shirt look really fancy. :) I hope you will enjoy this.

Please feel free to comment, rate & subscribe!!

I love reading your comments!!

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2013-10-12 14:14:55

2013-10-21 20:09:50

2013-10-21 21:42:46

tiem: super fotky

2013-11-03 00:18:17

His And Her's Christmas,with Dina Meyer  |  Více info

2013-11-03 00:19:47

VLOG 4- Knikki138 Goes to a Costume Party.mov  |  Více info

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2013-11-03 00:20:44

Melody Thornton Creates Signature Recipe at Millions of Milkshakes  |  Více info

An effervescent Melody Thornton of the Pussycat Dolls creates her very own milkshake at West Hollywood's Millions of Milkshakes, the new Walk of Fame for Hollywood where every star gets their own creation.

See Melody make magic at Millions of Milkshakes...as well as dance, sing, slurp and party with us.

Hosted by Corey the One. Videography & editing by Meowma.

2013-11-03 00:22:37

Today's Outfit  |  Více info

Killed by Curiosity design. Blouse, skirt & tie all made by me. I want to try lolita fashion, so this is kinda a compramise, let me know if it's working lol :)

2013-11-08 07:29:50

Attitudes toward working women in the 1950s  |  Více info

Female workforce participation rose dramatically during the 20th century. This episode from a radio program shows attitudes about "career girls" in the 1950s.

2013-11-08 07:30:52

Carmen Blouse by Jeetly Petite  |  Více info

This Video shows a close up of a Blue petite top from Jeetly petite's Spring/Summer collection 2013 (). A high collar petite blouse with a long tie-neck and single button fastening to the front. This ultra-feminine blouse features slightly puffed shoulders and long sleeves with two small buttons at each cuff.

2013-11-08 07:31:18

OOTD - Thrift Blouse & Classic Flap  |  Více info

just a quick outfit of the night video... this is what i wore for my hubby's birthday dinner! :)

accent nail polish: l'oreal in smell the roses.

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2013-11-08 18:47:57


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