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2012-08-05 19:04:39

To je špica. Nepřekonatelný TOP - myslím samo fotku.

Doteďka jsem v motosportech znal akorát jméno Schumacher...

2012-09-16 10:14:18


2012-12-01 23:23:14

Ale toto je excelentní

Girls Love Helmet from Reevu  |  Více info

Sexy girl gets Hot helmet

2013-01-27 14:34:41


Woman under Mask  |  Více info

U.mit MBU12 Mask

Created with MAGIX Video deluxe MX Plus

jenbar, 2013-01-27 14:34:41 napsal:


2013-01-27 20:08:58

moooc pěkné

2013-02-26 11:44:00







Cosplay Samus Aran Metroid  |  Více info

2013-03-12 10:10:35


Female Presenter Katy Hill In Classic Hard Hat Diving Gear  |  Více info

2013-03-13 21:46:37


Milano 2 luglio 2011 - Guerrilla N104 e X-702  |  Více info

Bello il casco...certo che anche loro non scherzano..

Prototipo di N104..

ENG - Nice helmet... but nice girls too ;)

2013-04-26 10:09:37


2013-05-21 17:53:50


2013-10-14 10:06:22








SMI 13 / Motards : la vérité 3ème partie : LE COUPLE !  |  Více info


Après avoir démontré que les motards sont des êtres humains. Voyons si il existe chez eux des sentiments comme l'amour. Nous allons suivre ce couple de motards pour le découvrir

2013-10-18 11:43:29


latex girl in a heavy rubber Jet Fighter suit from LatexCrazy  |  Více info

LatexCrazy Jet Fighter Heavy Rubber suit with russian air force helmet.

2013-10-27 09:29:04






funkce skafandru


the Orlan-MK Space Suit by NPP Zvezda  |  Více info

Name: Orlan-MK

Manufacturer: NPP Zvezda

Missions: Used on ISS. Used from 2009-present.[12]

Function: Extra-vehicular activity (EVA)

Operating Pressure: 5.8 psi (400 hPa)

Suit Weight: 265 lb (120 kg)[12]

Primary Life Support: 7 hours

The Orlan space suit has gone through several models. Space-rated designations include the Orlan-D, Orlan-DM, Orlan-DMA, and Orlan-M models; the Orlan-GN, Orlan-T, and Orlan-V are used in training and are used underwater. The latest model, called Orlan-MK, was tested during a spacewalk in June, 2009. The original Orlan suit, with a two and a half hour operation time, was designed as an orbital suit for use on the Soviet Lunar programme, although it was abandoned in favour of a model with a greater operating capacity. The Orlan-D expanded the operation time to three hours; the Orlan-M to nine hours.

The Orlan space suit is semi-rigid, that is, it has a solid torso and helmet but flexible arms. It was designed with a rear hatch entry through the attached backpack that allows it to be donned relatively quickly (taking approximately five minutes). The first Orlan suits were attached to the spacecraft by an umbilical tether that supplied power and communications links. The Orlan-DM, and all models since, were designed to be self-sustaining.

2013-10-27 11:00:01

jenbar: moooc pěkné Jenbarku .... při brouzdání podobných odkazů jsem našel zajímavé videjko, vyrobený skafandr a upravenou výškovou přilbou z MiGu (typ Gš-6A) :


Spacesuit Session Day 2 - How to don a DIY Spacesuit  |  Více info

This video presents an in-depth and detailed process of donning and operating a DIY suit -- almost uncut.

Observe the very first try of donning the Copenhagen Suborbitals DIY spacesuit invented by Cameron Smith. The suit was brought to Copenhagen Aug 2013 by Cameron Smith and John Haslett for demonstration and further on-site seat and capsule interior design development.

This version of the suit is a proof of concept and a next generation suit will be created when John and Cameron returns to the US.

2013-10-27 11:14:26

pravda je to trošku mimo téma (je tam chlap ) , ale zaujala mě spíš ta úprava helmy

2013-10-28 00:49:07

Tak na tomhle taky ujíždím.

Doporučuji videa tohoto autora má na to celý kanál.

Women of NHRA Motorcycle Racing  |  Více info

Video and pictures of the best motorcycle racing women of NHRA. Featuring: Karen Stoffer, Angie McBride, Dawn Minturn, Katie Sullivan, and Angelle Sampey.

2013-10-28 05:13:14

když už je řeč o amerických sprintech

melanie troxel.mp4  |  Více info

melanie troxel prepare before race..

2013-10-28 15:32:12

zelenac: jj

a takovouhle reklamu na T-Mobil u nás nevysílaj


T-Mobile Girl  |  Více info

Upclose shots of the t-mobile girl. Edited and slowed down to see Carly better.

2013-12-23 10:04:01






[CLOSED. Winner: Hoosier Throttle] GIVEAWAY & New Icon Airmada Colossal Helmet  |  Více info

Contest Ends: Monday, December 16, 2013. Midnight. 12 am.


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Remember this visor could only fit Icon Airmada models. So if you have one or your friend does, give the contest a shot :)

Good Luck!

This is something small and it came with my order and instead of just selling it back to pocket the cash, I just thought..why not give it away for free? I will ship worldwide for free. Hope you y'all like this even though it's something small. I just thought of everyone and something fun to give back. Thank you for supporting me. Means a lot...no seriously...your love, your support, when you share your stories, ideas, positive criticism, all of it. It hella means a lot to me. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas! *~*BearHugs*~*

If you would like to send me mail, which I would be stoked over :D

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2014-03-10 13:37:51



latex girl in a heavy rubber Jet Fighter suit from LatexCrazy  |  Více info

LatexCrazy Jet Fighter Heavy Rubber suit with russian air force helmet.


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