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Lesbians - lesbičky


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Party Girl - Despite the Virus (Trotz des Virus)

For everyone asking, this is the original version of the song by Despite the Vir...

3 minut : 27 sekund
Oliva & Julia(Nip/Tuck)|| I Kissed A Girl ||

A fanvid set to Katy Perrys "I Kissed A Girl" featuring the Nip/Tuck ship Olivia...

1 minut : 52 sekund
Historic Lesbian Kiss

A lesbian couple shared the first same-sex traditional Navy homecoming kiss afte...

3 minut : 43 sekund
New York City Dyke March 2010

A tradition begun by the Lesbian Avengers in 1993, the 18th annual Dyke March st...

6 minut : 30 sekund
True Lesbian Love

This is a movie i made for my girl on our 1 year anniversary. She cried after wa...

4 minut : 59 sekund
LESBIAN MOVIE - Starring Sharon Gless - HANNAH FREE

The Hannah Free DVD is now available in pre-sale at !! Hannah and...

1 minut : 55 sekund
Viernes Girl by Aurora Guerrero: WIM/HBO Film

Writer/Director: Aurora Guerrero Producer: Faith Radle Winner 2005 HBO short scr...

7 minut : 9 sekund
Mel B and Geri on top of Mel C -Spice Girls Concert

This happened during the concert of the 20th of Jan 08. Mel C was lying on the f...

42 sekund
America's Next Top Lesbian!

Michelle Comes Out! Anchell is the Indian Oprah! The girls tell Smellrose she ST...

3 minut : 48 sekund
Shabby Katchadourian & Danni Orsi on OK! TV Candy Bar Girls Channel 5

Shabby & Danni chat about their new show Candy Bar Girls which has it's first ai...

5 minut : 9 sekund

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