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I start out going to the mall with a friend but he just needs to run in and I decide to stay in the car and wait. I'm in an empty parking lot which gosh it's the mall but not many are there so I decide to roll the windows down and feel the fresh breeze. I stick my feet out of the window and enjoy the sunshine but haha it's almost like the second I stick them out cars start driving by. I'm like ok whatever I'm handling business here with my friends. So as I think of you I wiggle my gorgeous red toes but then I notice a BIG TRUCK. ell the truck is parked up above me a ways so I'm not really worrying about who sees me. I'm enjoying wiggling and thinking of you and I notice the trucker is in the truck looking haha so the kind of person I am I just continued my show so hope he enjoyed it!! As we drive home I decide I want to continue just enjoyig the sunshine. I walk around to the front of my house and just sit on the steps but beside me are two BIG BUSHES. OMG I hear bees, then I see bees trying to get on me. I forget my toes are a BRIGHT BRIGHT RED, unlike any red I've ever used so IDK maybe they attract the bee's haha. So I start wiggling and finding just the right spot to spread these gorgeous toess and then here comes the bugs EW Bugs come running toward my Canditoess then the gnats so needless to say that was a wrap!! Join me on my main channel,

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