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Amateur Sole Show

Amateur talked into doing a video for foot fetish audience. Interview: Whats your name? Taren Blevins Height? 5'9'' Shoe size? 8.5 Where are you originally from? Texas How would you describe your personality? Open, kind, and sometimes grouchy and easily confused. Whats do you generally think of alternative forms of sexuality? Mostly to each his own, but I've done a couple of things and they can be fun! Most of the time it takes an open mind to enjoy things like bondage and roleplaying. Have you ever done anything that might be considered out of the norm? If so, like what? I haven't really done anything too out of the norm except maybe have sex in a public place. What do you think about your feet? I like em! Except they require a lot of maintenance. What do like most about your feet, if anything? That they aren't huge and my pinky toe curls under a little bit. What do think about guys that are into women's feet? That its definitely cleaner than some fetishes. Have you ever done anything sexual with your feet (for example, have you ever had your feet licked or given someone a foot job)? If so, what did think about it? Yeah I have. It feels really good to have someone handle my feet. I like it. Especially when a lot of lotion is involved. Are you ticklish? If so, where? get me laughing and that would be EVERYWHERE On a scale of 1-10, how ticklish are your armpits, ribs, neck, tummy, hips, thighs, feet? What is your most ticklish spot? Armpits 4, ribs 10, neck 3, tummy 8 ...


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