Video - Best lesbians on TV/movies/web of all times

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Best lesbians on TV/movies/web of all times

This vid only exists because of my special girl I know now for a few months and I already took into my heart... So GLCCJL now I've said it ;) Just a collection of my favourit lesbians and couples through thelast years... Enjoy! First song: Jessica Folcker: Private eye I own nothing... Couples-Series-Movies: Gina/Ani-Venice the series Gina/Tracey-Venice the Series Willow/Tara-Buffy Pepa/Silvia-Los hombres de Paco Imagine me and you Nina's heavenly deligths Vivian/Aster-Anyone but me Carla/Hanna-Verbotene Liebe Spencer/Ashley-South of nowhere Alice/Dana-L Word Shane/Carmen-L Word Bette/Tina-L word Olivia/Natalia-Guiding Light Better than chocolate Aimee and Jaguar Desert Hearts Loving Annabelle Kim/Sugar-Sugar Rush Monster DEBS Bound It's in the Water Lost and Delirious When night is falling Mädchen in Uniform Gia I can't think straight If these walls could talk The incredibly true adventure of 2 girls in love Claire of the moon Naomi/Emily-Skins Cruel Intenions

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