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Bind Me

Blake was infatuated with Master Rex from the moment he saw him at Master Drake's island. Even though it's the hardest thing he has done he asks Master Drake to allow him to train with Master Rex. By leaving Master Drake it also means Blake will be leaving his twin brother Pleasure behind. Yet, this is something Blake is compelled to do, he needs to know...has to know Master Rex. Lucy is still recovering from the trauma she endured at the hands of Master Falcon. And even though Bazil wants to help her, Master Dante refuses to allow Lucy to stay at his home. No Master wants to take Lucy on after they find out that she is the one who killed Falcon. Bazil begs Dante to find someone to help Lucy. Knowing Bazil needs to do this Dante asks Master Jinx to take on Lucy. Master Jinx is Lucy's last hope and possibly her salvation. This is another exciting addition to Justus Roux's Master Series.

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