Video - Brushes With The Law (extended)

Videa Foot fetish - nohy, nožky, chodidla Brushes With The Law (extended)

Brushes With The Law (extended)

For my second video featuring the "Creepy Eddie" character -- now toned down a bit -- I took the beginning part of my last set (sorry for the repeated material) and made a whole routine out of it. It may be too much of one joke, but at least it's thematically consistent. The club was kind of's the same place where I made "Jewish/Bodyworlds," but with a bigger crowd. Despite some dead spots, I was pleased that for much of the set, the laughs kept coming. By the way, I will go back to doing "normal" standup at least part of the time, but for now this is a great way to develop confidence and feel. Thanks to John DeKoven and Bunjo's.

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