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Camilla and Sarah's Lesbian Wedding!

My Vows to my beautiful wife, ....My Sarah, I have you to eternally thank for reaching out to me during the darkest moments of my life, when i needed you the most. I have always struggled to accept myself for who i am and you taught me how to love myself, just for being me! I love you because your beautiful, kind, honest, strong and hardworking and i will love you to my very last dying breath and the eternity beyond, ...Your Camilla. Currently for gay people, the simple right to marry, your one true love, is still against the law in many parts of the world. Everyone deserves the right to be happy. Love can not be defined by gender, but by the heart. I felt it was important to share our wedding photos with you, as the first step to change is awareness and the second step is acceptance. Love and Peace to you all! Camilla & Sarah's Lesbian Wedding, Whirlowbrook Hall, Sheffield, 14th August 2010, Photography by David Moffitt, Future Earth Photography

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