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Can You Love Me Ch. 4

Nick obeyed his command at once. He climbed onto the padded bench and laid his torso on the main part while bending his legs onto the respective places. Taylor immediately wrapped the Velcro cuffs tightly around his ankles, wrists, and middle so that he was completely bound. Taylor picked up the crop that Nick's former trainer had given earlier that day and slid it down Nicholas's spine. He wiggled at the light, tingling sensation that followed its trail down. Tay slid the leather implement over Nick's waiting bottom. He brought the crop down with a sharp smack. Nick would have jumped at the sudden hard swat, but he was bound too tightly. Taylor began a steady rhythm of hard smacks, watching as Nick's bottom went from a pale white to a cherry red. Nick was emitting whimpers and gasps with each new swat, tears falling from his chocolate brown eyes. When Taylor stopped his assault, the poor slave thought it was over. He gasped when he felt the cool surface of the plastic paddle against his warm bottom. Taylor started up almost immediately. These smacks were harder, bringing cries of pain from the lips of his slave. He had no mercy for the pain he was causing Nick. He had to know his place in this house, and Tay was making sure this would not be forgotten easily. Nick's ass was on fire. He was practically screaming in pain as the paddle rained down on his punished bottom. But he was helpless against the power of his master. He had to take this punishment, even though he had ...

Naylo/Tick, Nick Jonas, Taylor Lautner, spanking


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