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Celebrity Soles: Encore

So, here's another collection, some Celebs we've seen (Hilary Duff, Miley Cyrus) And of course some new Celebs (Miranda Crosgrove, Selena Gomez & Emily Osment) The 'Celebrity Soles' videos have been doing great, and to surprise you all here's an encore video. I know I said the 'Finale' was the last one, but with so many new subscribers I couldn't resist giving you all another treat. *FYI, the more subscribers and ESPECIALLY the more comments these vids get, the more new ones you guys will get*. So, enjoy... until the next batch. And of course if you haven't seen the last few videos, check them out: (Part 1) 'Celebrity Soles' (Part 2) 'More Celebrity Soles' (Part 3) 'Celebrity Soles- Finale' (Part 5) 'Celebrity Soles: Curtain Call' (Part 6) 'Celebrity Soles: FOOTage' 'Celebrity Soles: Internet Pornstars' '(Non)Celebrity Soles: The Girls Next Door' '(Non)Celebrity Soles: Close-Ups' '(Non)Celebrity Soles: Around The World'

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