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Charlie's Angels Spoof

Visit for more comedy not seen here on youtube, plus there's a link to Charlie's Bitch Ass Ho's Play Now! http Remember those choose your own adventure books? Well today we present: sketch comedy controlled by you You make decisions for the characters, solve the mission and win a prize! The game spoofs, obviously "Charlie's Angels" but also "The Matrix" "Mission Impossible" and tv show "Heroes" we also poke fun at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. STARRING: Flow as Bitch Elaine Hendrix as Ass Raquel Horsford as Ho Brian Ecker as Charlie,Boozley,and Senator Ugly http Paul Vinger as Gramburgler & Gov. Queerleader Christa Woomer as The Hot Kidnapper Tyrico Walls as Problack Yomomma Allie Rivenbark as Celery Cliton Plus comedic actors Geoffery Dwyer, JJ Mays, Robbie Winston, and Joe Woods. Written by Flow and Brian Ecker Directed by: Flow Flow also edited this massive project and composed and performed all of the soundtrack and songs! Not to mention produced and starred! Flow and I are totally blown away at the talent that said yes to the project. Elaine Hendrix (Parent Trap, Superstar, Romy and Michelle's) Raquel Horsford (Stomp) Ahmed Best (Jar Jar Binks: from the Star Wars series)not to mention a dozen or so other very talented and gifted actors and actresses. Please play the game and come back to tell us what you thought. brianstreehouse

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