Video - Christian Sex Shops.

Videa BDSM Christian Sex Shops.

Christian Sex Shops.

NOTE: There WAS a Video following this that's Graces... however although there weren't any initially, problems arose about content about a breakup in it so we privated it. here's a link to the article on the Christian Sex Shop ATTENTION: This does NOT represent all of Ellen's views Many of our views overlap... but there was so much we split into two vids. Even then there's stuff we couldn't fit, but ask questions and we'll respondddddd . :) ALSO Grace's video isn't a video response... we can't work out how to do it... so it's in the QF videos list, called 'BDSM, Streaking and Football'. ;) Ellen says if she'd known she was going to run her own vid she would have had some coffees beforehand. (Or as she does when she's late to work, a mouthful of instant coffee powder and cold water.) Mhmm. That's my sister. PS. Thus she's really embarassed and thinks its the most boring video ever. So I think you should all leave lovely comments. heh.

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