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Carl, a fat loser, looks nothing like Justin Bieber and is very lonely. He takes crap from his xbox 360 playing roommate about it, until he takes matters into his own hands. Answering a craigslist personal, Carl learns that a beautiful girl may look like Selena Gomez, but fat people falling for them might just get them whipped into shape. Gabe - Tim Shields Carl - Scott Daniels Sarah - Ashley Scott Director of Photography - Micah Horvath Boom operator - Ankit Patel, Josh Lawrence, Ian Pearson Written by Ryan Hixson and Andrew Black Directed by Ryan Hixson and Andrew Black From the people that brought you the Tosh.0 / Tosh.o things you shouldn't yell through an open doorway. We haven't heard if we are going to be on a Tosh episode yet. we weren't on the i like turtles web redemption episode. We hope to hear from them soon. Thank you for voting us one of the funniest entries into this Tosh challenge. some on the internet would say this video is most perfect.

Funny, dating, online personals, bdsm, fat people falling, beautiful girl, roommate, Vols, Tennessee Volunteers, comedy


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