Video - Dammed (Canadian Feature/Lesbian Coming-Out Story) Trailer 1

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Dammed (Canadian Feature/Lesbian Coming-Out Story) Trailer 1

IF YOU LIKE MY WORK PLEASE TAKE a few seconds and add it to your favourites or send it to a friend. I'm independent, REAL independent (not Hollywood 3 million dollar claim to be independent) my film was a max out credit card budget (Original Clerks Kevin Smith Style) and I can use all the help spreading the word about my film that I can get. "Dammed"-(Lesbian Coming Out Story) Jess meets Casey, a very openly gay woman and quickly the girls form a strong romantic bond which forces Jess to come to terms with her true sexuality; risking her family and hurting her best friend/husband. This is only the first of many trailers. Stay tuned for more! Dammed is currently in the postproduction process and is expected to hit film festivals in Canada and the USA sometime in the next year. Written, Directed, Shot & Edited by: Heather Tobin To Each HER Own Films (705) 715-3251

Lesbian, Gay, bi-sexual, sexuality, comingout, featurefilm, homophobia, Heather, Tobin, 12


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