Video - Decapitated - Empty Throne(Guitar Cover) Full HD

Videa BDSM Decapitated - Empty Throne(Guitar Cover) Full HD

Decapitated - Empty Throne(Guitar Cover) Full HD

Hi! This is my 3rd guitar cover.This time faster song.It's from Polish Technical Death Metal band called Decapitated.It is probably my favourite band,so I am very glad that I can play it.I used original song as a backtrack,because I think it sounds better,but there is easily noticeable diffrence between this and original song,from Decapitated's album ,,The Negation". Please Comment and Rate this video,tell me what You think.Constructive criticism is always welcome,as OndskapensHerskers says. Subscribe my channel if You liked it,there will be many more covers,now there are only few,but I guarantee to You that before 2013 there will be at least 20 more covers! If You want to know anything,about the gear,music,software,guitar etc. just drop me a comment I will surely answer as fast as I only will be able to. About the sound.In my opinion it sounds preety bad but I thought it was going to sound even worse because of BCRch BDSM pickups,In my opinion these pickups sounds really poor. Signal Chain: BCRich Ironbird 1 Onyx ----- POD Studio UX1 ----- POD Farm 2.5 ----- Cubase 5 ----- Kazroog ReCabinet. © All rights reserved to respective owners...

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