Video - DocumentARI @ WGT 2012: Where do You come from?

Videa BDSM DocumentARI @ WGT 2012: Where do You come from?

DocumentARI @ WGT 2012: Where do You come from?

Since I start to be a freelancer producer of DocumentARIs Leipzig 's WAVE GOTHIC TREFFEN a must on my things to do. WGT is really a intercontinental meeting point for all the freaks & not only of the world here you can find from Sicily to Milan, from Tokyo to Mexico, froma Paris to Russia, from Brasil to Dannemark, Swiss , Belgium, Sweden, American and I think there are some aliens to ;) and all Germany of course. This document has the main target to show to the "normal world" how can be various,cultured,self ironic,peacefull,sexy and full of joy the "dark world" of Gothic Subcultures...we have Punk,postPunk,CyberPunk,SteamPunk,HorrorPunk & Oldschool Goth,DeathRocker,ClassyGoth,Batcaver,CyberGoth,Vampires,Victorian,StreetGoth,Pagan,Medieval,Metal,Burlesque,Fetish,Bdsm & Fantasy,GlamRocker,Psychobilly,GothaBilly,NewRomantic,DarkRaver,Industrial,EBMer & world wide freaks that love to mix them up to be customize the ownstyle. You can like it or not,but at least if you watch it with critic expecially if you are a cattolic inquisitor you should admite that is artistic way to comunicate not just passion for music & treds but an alternative lifestyle that is really easy to be judged evil,satanic or pervert but is totally full of humans that love to party and repespect different CULTURES much more than "normal men" ;)

Italy, Mexico, france, Russia, Brasil, Dannemark, Swiss, Belgium, Sweden, America, UK, wgt, wave gothic treffen


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