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Dressing for Pleasure

A short film using dome of the images from a new book called Dressing for Pleasure, by Jonny Trunk. AtomAge magazine was the underground bible of leather, rubber and vinyl fetish wear throughout the 1970s. Founded, designed and published by John Sutcliffe as a way of showcasing his extraordinary clothing designs, it quickly became a focal point for explorers of every kind of fledgling clothing scene. For it's readers AtomAge was both an instruction manual and a mirror. The experimental clothing, including items made by the readers themselves, transformed a passion for a sexual kink into a cult phenomenon. From motorbiking and mask wearing, to mudlarking and wading worship: AtomAge covered every conceivable wrinkle. The photographs reflect an age of amateur enthusiasm, before fetish became the industry it is today, inadvertently depicting a suburbia from which Dressing for Pleasure was a necessary escape. These outrageous costumes were an inspiration to a new generation of fashion designers, many have since been assimilated into high-end collections. Compiling the most astonishing imagery from all thirty-two issues of this now rare and sought after cult magazine, Dressing for Pleasure illustrates not just Sutcliffe's exceptional designs, but also, through their own photography and writing, the very fantasies and desires of the AtomAge followers.

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