Video - EXPOSED: Illuminati Control - The Media : Ke$ha (2013)

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EXPOSED: Illuminati Control - The Media : Ke$ha (2013)

Ke-dollarsign-ha has never been the most inspirational singer around. She started her career as an alcoholic party girl that's not too strict about personal hygiene (see the Tik Tok line "Before I leave brush ma teeth with a bottle of Jack") and, for her new album, she turned into some kind of Illuminati witch-type deal. She is far from the only pop star that has gone through this kind of metamorphosis and it was probably pre-planned by her record label. How many singers have gone from an "around-the-way" girl to an Illuminati figurehead? That's what the industry does. To the untrained eye this kind of transformation is usually somewhat subtle ... Ke$ha's Die Young is anything but. In fact, it is one giant clusterfreak of Illuminati symbols. It is so obvious and in-your-face that it forced mainstream music sources such as to "admit" that the video was all about Illuminati symbols (see their article entitled Ke$ha Shouts-Out Illuminati in 'Die Young' Video). Interestingly enough, not too long ago, these same sites were calling sites like Vigilant Citizen "batshit crazy" for even alluding to the existence of these symbols and describing their meaning. Now these sites say "Yeah, there are Illuminati symbols" in a matter-of-fact way. What happened to the batshit crazy part? However, the mainstream sites still only refer to this concept in an extremely superficial way, not giving any insight on their true meaning and the real Agenda behind it all. Some might ...


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