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Fetisso Latex Review

My first in my series of reviews. Fetisso Latex. Pros: Chlorinated so that it is easy to put on, easy to handle, and easy to store. Less expensive than the clothing made from sheet latex. Great for beginners (and pros that don't like messy dressing) because you don't have to worry about dressing aids (lube/talc) Well constructed and better designed than the other molded items out there. Cons: Selection is limited. (That may change in the future) My bad! I pronounced the company name incorrectly. It is pronounced: feh-tee'-soh I may do a follow up based on the input/critiques I get. One is to do more angles of the stockings/socks. I did that part solo so I couldn't pan.zoom. The other is to polish the garments. I didn't because I wanted to know how the chlorination felt before vivishining it. (It's the only polish I use.)

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