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"The Prince of Punany" McHenry Cruiser prank calls a man who placed an ad on to sell a pair of stripper shoes. Hilarity Ensues! Fan Page: Website: Main Channel Crank Calls: Cruiser Rants: Social Media: Twitter: Facebook: About McHenry Cruiser is the current number 1 Most Handsome Man on Youtube and runner up in People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" Contest , Losing this year to Actor Ryan Reynolds. He has become a major fn star on youtube and gained many new fans over the past year due in part to his tremendous comedic personality and tight, yet firm buttock muscles. Just to gaze into his blue eyes , you would need a life jacket, wet suit and oxygen mask. Holding such a gaze for more than a second will require a life raft and ore to row to safety because it would be as if a Tsunami emerged and knocked you to the ground below. He has a shaved head that women like to rub as if they are awaiting a magical genie to arrive and grant them three wishes. If one of those previously before mentioned wishes is for large genitalia , you're in luck. They call him "CockZilla:The Lady Thrilla, "Cockasaurus Rex: The Sultan of Sex and "Long dong Silver: The Poon Tang Pirate. He will pound you like a jack hammer and his testicles will slap against you like a grandfather clock. Subscribe to his channel and enjoy his videos. But do not pleasure your anus as you watch. He doesn't like ...

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