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"From Plastic to Metal"

Information for this Video: Video Title: "Plastic to Metal". Date Recorded: Saturday 22nd October 2011. Location: Nottingham City Centre. Duration: 4 Minutes 06 Seconds. The Thank You's: Thank you to you all who have waited patiently for this video as some of you know Allen has been ill and still is but has edited this video for you all. This wasn't the video we intended as it should have been a boot video but I have no metal heels in any of my boots so that was that. Thank you all for the great reception to my last video "Stilettos on the Prowl". Story Behind "From Plastic to Metal". The clue as always is in the title like all of my videos as people will know by now. The video we decided to upload this month is all about arriving in Nottingham, starting with plastic heels in my shoes and taking them to the shoe repairers in Nottingham waiting in the shop and coming out with metal heels. Allen thought it would be a good video. Some people who read the description of my videos will remember, possibly that in the description of "Items to Exchange" I had three pairs of heels re heeled this pair the pair that starred in the "Items to Exchange video and a pair of Next mesh ankle boots. Scene One: In this scene I can be viewed walking to the shoe repairers obvious by the lack of metal sound. iI am waiting a never ending returns queue. Ha it's Sunday morning and there is a queue for returns amazing time for some heel bending etc... Scene Two: I arrive at the shoe repairers where ...

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