Video - Gas Mask Training Anna and Brendon Part 2

Videa Gasmask - plynové masky Gas Mask Training Anna and Brendon Part 2

Gas Mask Training Anna and Brendon Part 2

Anna having another gas mask workout right after going on a 3K run with Gas Mask on for lung conditioning and to make it just a bit harder than normal. Tyre Flips Squat Thrusters Sledgehammer Chops Boxing etc, Further on in the day we train two other trainers in the Gas Masks, and to top it off we had a Caveman Training Circuit session at Stafford for 12 people. Visit any of the following sites to get to know more about hardcore training, gas mask training for fitness, microfitness or Caveman Training in Brisbane (Gas Mask Training for Fitness is a program from microfitness) http http

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