Video - Gym Class Heroes/Fall Out Boy Mash Up (W Lyrics In Descrip.)

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Gym Class Heroes/Fall Out Boy Mash Up (W Lyrics In Descrip.)

This song is a mix of Gym Class Heroes' Lyrics to Makeout Club and chorus of Grand Theft Autumn(I think) by Fallout Boy [Gym Class Heroes (Travis (Schleprock))] See there was Ashley, She caught my eye the second that she passed me I kissed her once Then she started to harass me She called all night long I had to buy a brand new phone And let me see There was Melanie To have a mouth like that should be a felony Wouldn't believe half the shit that she was telling me I mean dirty vocab She used to talk like she was grown And after that was Tiffany The one with the cute cousin Are you kiddin' me? She had a man But that didn't mean shit to me He tried to catch us all the time But I was just to goddamn smooth And I can't forget to mention Carrie But that situation quickly got scary Cuz after 2 days she was like lets get married Can you believe that shit? I had to pack my bags and move! [Fallout Boy (Patrick Stump)] Where is your boy tonight? I hope that he is a gentleman Where is your boy tonight? Maybe he won't find out [Gym Class Heroes (Travis (Schleprock))] I'll always remember Monica The Jewish chick She'd always give me gifts for Chanukkah To meet her folks she tried to make me rock a Yhomica But she looked so damn good She almost made my ass convert And after that there was Lisa She had a twin sister, Teresa I bumped into them at Cam's getting pizza The greatest night of my life Schlep's "The Rock that Killed Two Birds" And there was Erica She had the stankest breath in ...

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