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Hardcore Barefoot Girl

This is NOT a clip we sell on our barefoot lifestyle fetish and video site (see the BarefootGirlMedia channel for a promo and URL,) but I have looked for this video for a long time and thought some of you might really enjoy it. Someone at our Yahoo group was kind enough to find this video. Please... go to our site and check out what we have for sale! Our "Barefoot Girl Media Promo" video has the URL on it. Man... this girl as the cutest little bare feet and toes! TRANSLATION... Narration: After winter is over everyone is happy to get rid of the heavy shoes and walk barefoot in Summer. Yvonne and Jasmine met Meret who is barefoot the whole year. Narration: Everyone may have walked around barefoot in summer. But can you imagine to be barefoot the whole year even in winter and everywhere? Meret does. How did she get the idea to do it? Meret: I saw other barefooters in summer and thought that I should try it. As it got to winter it pissed me off to wear shoes because they felt uncomfortable. So I thought that I could go on, although others thought that I was crazy. I am convinced that it's possible and I still walk around barefoot. Narration: Meret gets attention not only because she's barefoot but also because of her fashion style. How do others react? Girl on the street: I think it's crass. For me it would be to cold but I think she's inured. Friend: I also think it's crass. But if she wants to do it, she shall do it. Girl on the street 3: I think it's crass to walk around ...

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