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HEART ROCK POINT - Lesbian Short Film

Running time: 15:29min. Directed By: Karla Eduvia Written By: Setra Sundahta Music By: Setra Sundahta Starring: Anika Contos & Angela Nordeng Synopses: Elizabeth, a young, beautiful, wealthy girl spends her summer days reading and sunbathing on the shores of Malibu Beach. One very sunny day she meets a new friend. They begin a romance, but there is a dark side to it that Elizabeth would never imagine. ©2009 * Hey everyone thanks for checking out our film, we would also appreciate your feedback leaves us a comment :) XOXO!!

lesbian, sexy, hot, kissing, Karla Eduvia, heart, rock, prop 8, love, beautiful, beach, Malibu, LA, ocean, short film, suspense


Délka: 15 minut : 29 sekund
Autor: karlaeduvia
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