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Hebephrenic - 4065

Visit the new official Hebephrenic channel - Hebephrenic's music video for '4065' Directed, Filmed, Produced and Edited by Dave Gibbons (Necrotheft Productions) Additional camera work by Laura Richards Song recorded, mixed and produced by Hebephrenic. 4065 I'm turning away Rejecting all life's mistakes To channel the pain Sail the oceans of suffering Push through the unreal and you will see It exists Lies Om Mani padme um Deceit Om Mani padme um Truth This is real I'm walking away So tired of all my mistakes Remove yourself from yourself, explore all the paths you dismiss, light up the dark that surrounds you. Open up your mind and see. Open up your heart and see This is real (c) 2008 Hebephrenic

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