Video - Helene Atsuko, Alternative Model

Videa Latex clothing - latexové oblečení Helene Atsuko, Alternative Model

Helene Atsuko, Alternative Model

Directed and Produced by Andrew K Moodie. Camerawork by Andrew K Moodie and James Cox. Interview conducted by Andrew K Moodie. Sound by Tim Benson. Interview Lighting by James Bailey. Photoshoot Lighting by Scott Chalmers. Edited by Andrew K Moodie. Music by Akira Yamaoka. Disclaimer: I neither own nor contributed to the creation of the Torture Garden logo or flyer design.

film, promo, short, documentary, character, sketch, profile, Hél


Délka: 2 minut : 3 sekund
Autor: andrewkmoodie
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