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Hottie Wrapped In Clear Plastic

Weird things have been happenng around the house. I get compulsions to play with plastic and eventually wrap myself in it.... And I think things are moving around the house. Nothing is where I left it. And the tip jar... there's like, almost nothing in it! Hrmm... what do you guys think is going on? (Psst: If you can't see the obvious silliness and dorkiness of the title, description and film, I don't wanna hear it.) (Double Psst: Tip jar peoples. Guess I better not quit my day job yet huh? lol, I can't even by groceries off the donations. :-P go to: and leave me something to smile over when I get back from my business trip. (btw, that means I'll be out of touch for the next 2 weeks, but I'll have lots to tell you when I get back)

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