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(How To Fail At) Super Mario :: The Lost Levels :: World 3

Download the ROM here: ========================== Game: Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World Platform: SNES (emulated) Recorder: SNES' inbuilt recorder Playing: Super Mario - The Lost Levels Playing As: Luigi Editted with: iMovie ========================== World 3 of Super Mario - The Lost Levels. All I can say is...I hate fish. I hate all of the underwater level. However that's not as annoying as the Hammer Brothers and Lakitus. They literally make me want to smash their face in. AND THEY'RE PIXELS. Not that I'd subvert to violence... Yes, that's right, you'll be able to hear my annoying voice soon enough. I probably will do voiceovers in the end anyway, I'd just like to see if my audience (as I can see though, isn't that big at all) would like that. ------------- In my best save game (though the screen says differently, because my best save game is saved under a different ROM), I have reached World C-1. This means that I have the general gist of actually playing The Lost Levels; as for the rest of the Marios in the package, I have progressed far in all but the american Super Mario 2; yes, I'm one of the people who hate it. I'm not the best at it, but hopefully my failure in some cases will tickle the funny bone among you =) I'll be playing the game as far as I can, hopefully finishing it, then I'll move on to the next Super Mario games and hopefully complete them. Enjoy! =) ===TAGS=== bozguyon bozzie youtube super mario the lost worlds levels ...

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