Video - Israeli Gas Mask M15 Review & Demo

Videa Gasmask - plynové masky Israeli Gas Mask M15 Review & Demo

Israeli Gas Mask M15 Review & Demo

The Military version israeli gas mask. A review of the mask. Demonstration of use, and drinking tube. Also I talk about reasons why it is realistic to have a gas mask in this day and age. This mask is military surplus. I recieved it new and in un used condition. The mask was manufactured in 1983. It uses common NATO 40mm NBC filters. Protects against biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. This Mask will obviously not help with most aspects of a nuclear blast. Check out this channel, "Nationalresistance". Good information on preparing for what may be coming our way. Bubbas equipment video inspired me to stop being lazy, and purchase this mask. Please check out the video response. Thanks

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