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Johny Pallatt... If tommorow never comes.wmv

Johny Pallat is the singer of the Band called The Bangkok Beaver Patrol From Leicester England singing a cover of If tommorow never comes. This is a video of Johny Pallatt From thurmaston Leicester You may have seen John Pallatt in the newspapers and on TV shows due to his relationship with 80s USA singer Tiffany and his other friendships with Female celebs.The following are all conected to John Pallatt The X factor 2012 Ronan Keating Boyzone cover Country music Sex Bangkok Leicester Tiffany I think wer'e alone now USA England John Pallatt Brad pitt Whitney Houston Garth Brooks fetish Pattaya Phuket Thailand Thai girlfriend Adele Silva Tina O'brien Nicola Stapleton Laura Whitmore Anna Freil Bonnie Langford Adele foot fetish unsighned singer unsighned band football Leicester City songwriter Oriental Chinal dolls

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