Video - Kelly and David finds Adriana - 2/18/2010

Videa Tickling - lechtání Kelly and David finds Adriana - 2/18/2010

Kelly and David finds Adriana - 2/18/2010

In Paris, David and Kelly track Emile to a hotel believing that he took Adriana there. After bribing a maid, they locate Emiles room. Kelly kicks in the door and gasps when she sees Adriana tied to the bed. David and Kelly quickly untie Adriana and Emile enters wondering what's going on. Kelly hits Emile and Adriana screams for them to stop and that she and Emile were playing a Sex game. Dorian calls and Adriana tells her that she's okay and that she had her phone turned off for a little while because she was tied up. No copyright infringement is intended.

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