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Videa Latex clothing - latexové oblečení Latex Clothing - Making a bathrobe - Kink Engineering

Latex Clothing - Making a bathrobe - Kink Engineering

Time lapse video of the HOURS of work to make a bathrobe prototype. It still needs pocket, belt loops, belt and trim (another bunch of hours of work) to be totally ready. I made this video to showcase how MUCH WORK goes into making a high quality latex garment. Even after years of experience, the good stuff takes time and care... which is why good latex is usually also expensive. (Though not all expensive latex is good!) Quality Points to note: Lots of care taken in cutting the latex to avoid snags that will make the garment weaker. Careful cleaning, prepping, gluing, re-cleaning, seaming, rolling, cleaning (again), and powdering of seams. Reinforcements. Things to be done to get this to market: Trim edges, add pockets, add belt loops, add belt, clean, shine, photoshoot, edit photos, create product on web store, promote... get ripped off by Sweat shop owning latex company in China... sell cats to pay rent... Interesting things to watch for in the video: Curling latex getting flatter as thinner/glue dries. Cats in/around pattern papers, Cats ON me (twice), Ice Cream eating, kisses (2), lost pen behind ear (1), Archean turning off the lights and going to bed, Latex Ninja. During the making of this video I was listening to: The Weakerthans wonderful album Reunion Tour, Merlin Mann interview on Failure, Rocky Horror episode of Glee (man, that show has jumped the shark!), Nerdist Podcast with Bill Mahr, Fetish Dynasty Podcast with Fetish Kitsch.

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