Video - Latex full enclosed in a Restaurant

Videa Gasmask - plynové masky Latex full enclosed in a Restaurant

Latex full enclosed in a Restaurant

Was at a McDonald dressed in a 1.2mm thick Catsuit with attached feet, gloves and mask secured with padlocks. Over it a latexjeans, latexshirt and two latexjackets. To look a bit normal and not like a black ball instead of the head I had a latexmask which looks more or less like a normal face. I was so complet enclosed in several layer of Latex out in public for several hours. It was real amazing walking around through busy shoppingstreets and visit a Restaurant. Most people didn´t realize the way I was dressed or ignored it. Also when I order my Cheesburger it worked like for any other customer.

Latex, Rubber, Gummi, public, total, enclosure, Kompletteinschluss, MC, Donald, restaurant, öffentlich, fetish, Fetisch, eingeschlossen


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