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Lecrae ft. Dawntoya- Beautiful Feet LYRICS

Lecrae and Dawntoya on the closer of Rebel, Beautiful Feet, from Reach Records. Lyrics are... Beautiful Feet Carlos was born in killa cali/ was walking down an alley and caught a bullet in his head that left him bleeding badly. He lost everything at that moment except his life/ he lost his hearing lost his movement and he lost his sight/ he laid there in a coma/ but man nobody cared/ the Gospel preached in his neighborhood? Nobody dared/ But los got up out the coma got and was able to hear/ a missionary shared the gospel to his open ears/ He got saved got trained got discipled/ back to hood/ you could find em preaching the bible/ He led a homie to Christ from his same hood/ part of Church plant/ come on now aint his name good/ This is blessing but Im stressing that this is not the norm/ we need leaders and belivers to help carry it on/ but who would minister in a sinister part of town/ I pray if Jesus is calling you that you would be found/ Eric used to go to bible study as a kid/ he got older and started doing what the hood did/ a rival gang caught him slippin tried to take his life/ but the jammed up so them beat him nice/ he woke up in the hospital singing bible songs/ praise God he had a place to learn the bible from/ but then he gets saved and wanna preach Christ they make him change his whole culture and way of life/ he gotta get him a bachelors wear a suit and tie/ go to seminary/ by then all of his boys will die/ Jesus came to invade culture outta nazereth and ...

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