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Lesbian Gamer girl is an idiot.

Lesbian Gamer girl who got banned from xbox live for violating simple terms of service rules, by advertising her homosexuality in her gamer profile and then complains to the press who rag on about it as if it's a gay rights issue is an idiot, and so are many of the bloggers. here's an example of the story I'm talking about; it's been reprinted and reworded on just about every major gaming site ... complete bullshit, but sure makes for a good beat-up and titillating headline right guys? yeah. I do not give a rats ass if you're gay, nor should your personality be so desperately thin so as to somehow force you to BASE your very identity on your sexuality that you feel the need to advertise the fact on your gamer profile, get a personality and a life that's about more than the type of genitals you prefer to play with.

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