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LESBIAN MOVIE - Starring Sharon Gless - HANNAH FREE

The Hannah Free DVD is now available in pre-sale at !! Hannah and Rachel grew up as little girls in the same small Midwest town, where traditional gender expectations eventually challenge their deep love for one another. Hannah becomes an adventurous, unapologetic lesbian and Rachel a strong but quiet homemaker. Weaving back and forth between past and present, the film reveals how the women maintained their love affair despite a marriage, a world war, infidelities, and family denial. Hannah Free is directed by Wendy Jo Carlton and written by Claudia Allen (based on her acclaimed stage play). The film is produced by Ripe Fruit Films. Executive Producers are Tracy Baim, Claudia Allen, and Sharon Zurek (also the films editor). The producers are Sharon Gless, Martie Marro (also the films Music Composer) and Wendy Jo Carlton. Director of Photography is Gretchen Warthen. Hannah Free is a feature-length motion picture shot in HD for distribution in worldwide theatrical and ancillary markets.

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