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Lesbian RealWorld cali love eps 1

my main channel i personally wanted to upload this video cus my friends been buggin me bout it! LOL jk just thought id share my experience with you guys.sorry bout the quality i edited it with final cut express and i saved it under apple tv size (if anybody wants to teach me how to save it so its better quality without taking forever to upload holler at me pls id appreciate that thanks im still new to edtiing so bare with me) but anyways this is only part 1 cus i was there for a week and shit wont fit in one upload so yeah stay tune! =) hope you guys like it rate comment subscribe...shout out to my homie g's lol kim and jen i love you guys ill see you soon! and to my baby of course =) i miss yoU ni cant wait to see you! =D PS Were not racist or anything.its our inside joke so for people who get easily offended stop watchin this and get the funk out thank u keep the change =) puahahha stay tune for the other videos coming soon! i did not intend to violate any of the copyrights.just having fun chill people! music used day n nite -kid cudi you spin my head right round-flo rida music in the background let it rock-kevin rudolph my love-the dream ft mariah first love-uffie my flow so tight-idk by who neyo-ms independent dead and gone-ti ft justin timberlake websites im in: my live show

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