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Lesbian Stereotypes

The video is apparently working only sometimes so if you wanna watch it I posted it again and here is the link: I thought I would help clear up some misleading and untrue stereotypes that gays and lesbians have been labeled with! 1.My favorite color is not the rainbow! If I wear a pink floyd shirt it's because I like Pink Floyd. 2.Yes, my hair is SHORT... BUT I DON'T want to be a boy! 3.Yes, I played with GiJOES as a kid because GIJOES are more durable than barbies. 4.Yes, I am a tom-boy. I dress for comfort. 5.No, there isn't a handbook that we all carry around and no we are not secretly trying to convert you. 6. If you become's because you aren't sure what you want. Not because I brainwashed you and no, Ellen does not teach a class on how to be gay! 7. Yes, I do wear polos but um...I also wear dresses! 8. Yes, I wear sports bras...especially when I play sports...but I also wear regular bras. 9. Yes, I do play softball BUT not all lesbians play softball and because I play softball that doesn't make me a butch! 10. No, I don't carry a knife on me! 11. No, I can't beat you at pool and I don't have a motorcycle. Nor do I hang out in bars! But I am 20! 12. Yes, I am muscular! Because I play sports not because I want to look like a man! 13. Yes, I do SHAVE! I'm not trying to grow a chia pet 14. Yes, I have gay friends, but I have more straight friends than gay ones. 15. And yes, I do watch L-WORD! But, I also watch Alias and Weeds...and Sex in ...

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