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Lesbians in film and tv

Compilation of clips from TV, movies and web series, in order: Degrassi 5ive Girls Loving Annabelle 3Way Itty Bitty Titty Committee Girltrash! 3Way Girltrash! Degrassi Sugar Rush Itty Bitty Titty committee Lost And Delirious Love And Other Catastrophes Loving Annabelle Nina's Heavenly Delights Sugar Rush Out At The Wedding Saving Face Skins Sugar Rush The Truth About Jane South Of Nowhere Skins Sugar Rush Reform School Girl Saving Face If These Walls could Talk 2 Sugar Rush.,....again Degrassi South Of Nowhere Song, 6 months by Hey Monday, Ready for a fall by PJ Olsson I own nothing

spashley, jill bennet, maeve quinlan, son, lesbian, girls kissing, emily, naomi, saint, kim, spencer, ashley, 3way, palex, paige, alex, ellen muth, melanie diaz, erin kelly, piper perabo, the l word, naomily


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