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Long boring wait

It was a long wait. My legs tired, my feet sored, mi mind bored looking at the monitor/camera. Black PVC dress, black PVC gloves, black latex hood, high heel shoes, opaque dark black tights, corset, wide collar, manacles, locks and chains. Ankles hobbled by a short chain, a long chain between ankles and neck collar. Wrist manacled at front, chained at hip level. A long chain leash keep me not far from window where neighbourgs could see me. I must keep it taught to be just off-vision limits. A combination lock and the end, on plain view its all I need to open to can walk away this room and get the rest of keys on another room and be free. A picture of the right number to open the combination lock will be displayed at random time in the monitor below the camera.

bondage, fetish, PVC, latex, hood, high, heel, corset, collar, manacles, locks, chains, leash, crossdress, tv


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